Ugochukwu okafor

Shift/ Warehouse Manager | A-Z Petroleum Product Limited| January 2020-March 2023

• Motivated and supported production staff members to meet the set production targets alongside ensuring
strict compliance with the production process by the production team.
• Supervised staff performance on the production floor and managed daily production tasks in a practical and
dispassionate manner while utilizing production resources to meet production goals and objectives.
• Communicated good production practices, safety policies and monitored production staff to ensure consistent
uniform and personal safety equipment enforcement.
• Managed and supervised a team of 50-60 employees par shift and oversaw production operations, including
scheduling, inventory management, and quality control.
• Implemented a new inventory control system that resulted in a 30% reduction in inventory discrepancies.
• Improved team productivity by 20% through the development and implementation of performance metrics
and incentive programs.
• Enforce safety protocols and procedures using appropriate safety equipment, and follow best practices to
minimize accidents or hazards.
• Identified opportunity for improvement and implement to enhance productivity, accuracy, or cost

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