Courtney Wheelwright

Trainee Recruitment Consultant - Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain

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I have been working for Mainstay since early 2022 as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant.

Within my role I specialise in the Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain industry and support the management of some of the company’s biggest accounts.

I am passionate about offering fantastic solution-based customer service with my clients and candidates and within my time at Mainstay I want to continue to improve on this as I develop through my career.

As someone who has always been drawn to the field of recruitment, I began my recruitment career in an administrative role at a recruitment agency and this is where my hunger to become a fully-fledged consultant stemmed. From there on, I was eager to learn the ins and outs of the industry and gain experience in supporting the hiring process for various companies.

As a recruitment consultant at Mainstay, my main focus is on managing multiple accounts in and around the West Midlands, but I do cover national roles if one of my clients requests me to. I take great pride in building strong relationships with my clients, understanding their needs, and providing exceptional service. My skills in account management, organization, and communication are invaluable in ensuring smooth operations and successful placements.

Wherever possible I try to give a ”value-added” service to our clients, not only filling their roles but also giving them advice on the current market, recruitment strategies and current employment landscape. The fact that I service multiple accounts gives me an excellent cross-section of the Logistics industry as a whole, supplementing the quality of consultative advice I give to our clients. 

My background is not all recruitment, however. From a young age, I had a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others, and I found a fulfilling role in caring for adults with learning disabilities. It was a deeply rewarding experience, and I cherished the opportunity to provide compassionate care and support to those in need. I learned valuable skills in empathy, communication, and adaptability, which have had a lasting impact on my personal and professional growth.

Outside of work, I have always been passionate about art and crafts. One of my favourite hobbies is crocheting blankets and clothes for new-born babies, which I then donate to hospitals. The joy of creating something with my own hands and knowing that it brings comfort to new-borns and their families is immensely fulfilling to me. Additionally, I have a deep love for animals and children, and I often volunteer my time to care for them. Whether it’s babysitting for friends and family or volunteering at local animal shelters, being able to provide care and support to those in need brings me a sense of purpose and happiness.

In conclusion, my background in logistics, strong skillset in account management, and extracurricular passion for art, crafts, animals, and children have shaped me into a well-rounded professional with a heart for making a positive impact in the lives of others. I am excited to continue my journey with Mainstay and grow together in the coming years.

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