Max Grainger

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Facilities Management

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My recruitment journey started 8 years ago, when I went into Production and Manufacturing recruitment for a large temporary agency dealing with a wide range of clients, with a focus on the West Midlands.

Four years later I started at Mainstay Recruitment, the best move I have made in my career. I continued to work in the Manufacturing environment but learned and focused into permanent and contract services. During this time, I have honed my skills in more engineering-based roles which helped me make my recent change over to Facilities Management, where I have transferred a lot of my skills to help the team grow and progress.

My move to FM was a very welcome one by everyone involved. My professional background and demeanour make me feel comfortable dealing with candidates of a high skillset and engaging with large companies, both of which are something I relish. Moving teams was a great way for me to learn more about the recruitment industry and improve my skills further.

I enjoy working within FM as it brings new challenges, there a are vast amount of roles to learn about and lots of people to learn from. Due to the strong growth and foundations of the department, we are rarely short of roles, which keeps me busy and poses different challenges, such as finding new, innovative ways to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

When I started in recruitment it wasn’t something I was very aware of and didn’t know if I would enjoy it. Over the years I have enjoyed the job more and more. Placing candidates into roles, even now, is always a fantastic feeling, and knowing you have run a successful recruitment campaign and serviced the client well brings great satisfaction. The other side of things is helping people find new roles; it may be that someone has been made redundant or is no longer enjoying their role, so finding the perfect job/company for them is very fulfilling. Knowing you have helped someone, sometimes out of a sticky spot, can be incredibly heart-warming and is one of the main reasons I look forward to work every day.

My main skillset in recruitment would be candidate sourcing, if I have been given a role to work on, I will make sure I am doing everything I can to find the right person. Making sure adverts have a lot of detail, making sure I collect a lot of information from candidates and searching high and low for that perfect candidate all feed into the service we strive to offer. The sales side of the job is also something I enjoy, when you have been speaking to someone for a long time, building the relationship and finally placing someone with them is a great feeling, especially when it is a large company which can benefit different departments at Mainstay.

Outside of work I’m a big football fan, supporting Arsenal. I try to make sure I watch every game I can on the weekends. There’s nothing quite like the highs and lows of football! I have recently started playing golf as well. It is something I greatly enjoy, being out in the fresh air, walking miles and having a laugh with friends.

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