Sam Hinks

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain

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I have been working in Logistics, Distribution and Supply-Chain Recruitment for over 4 years now, supporting clients on a national basis, but with a particular focus on Coventry where my branch is located.

Over the past 4 years I have gained invaluable experience which has enabled me to develop my knowledge of the industry as well as progressing through my career goals and ambitions. As a senior recruitment consultant, I am responsible for identifying potential candidates and building relationships with key clients in the industry. In addition to this, I also provide guidance and support to junior members of my team as they learn how to become effective recruiters themselves. My job involves managing existing accounts while also increasing business by

prospecting for new customers. This gives me a sense of satisfaction when I am able to successfully meet both objectives – developing existing relationships while bringing in new ones. Furthermore, since I have been working with many of these clients for years now, it is always fulfilling when I can help them reach their goals as well as mine.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients across the UK in all kinds of sectors, from retail to manufacturing to food production. I’ve helped them build their supply chains and assisted them in supporting their operations. Transport and logistics is a huge part of the economy; if logistics fails, the supply chain fails and transactions grind to a halt. This makes me proud to be part of such an important link.

I am passionate about sales, having been trained in a variety of sales techniques over the years. It’s not just about closing a sale; it’s about understanding your clients’ needs, and being able to provide them with what they’re looking for. In my role at Mainstay Recruitment, I am able to use this skillset every day and am proud to say I have once won our internal sales league and twice finished runner up – not bad in 4 years! This demonstrates not only that I can win new business, but that I can adapt my recruitment style very quickly to new businesses’ needs and fulfil their requirements. I’ve always enjoyed fast-paced environments, and this job has allowed me to work in a variety of roles that help me personally grow as a person. Sales is an incredibly competitive field, but I thrive on the competition and take great pride in seeing the results of my hard work come to fruition.

In my spare time I enjoy digging through vinyl with a passion for creating and running my own record label. Creating music is something that can bring a great deal of fulfilment; Whether it’s playing my Saxophone, writing, and recording songs, or producing tracks. I find it very rewarding putting on my own events for my record label across Birmingham, especially when Bilbo Baggins is played! Music is a powerful tool that can bring people together and foster a sense of community. That’s why putting on music events across Birmingham is a great hobby to get involved with. Not only can you share your love of music with others, but you will also be supporting local talent and providing people with an opportunity to experience something new. From small gigs in cafes to larger warehouse events, there are so many opportunities for creating unique experiences by hosting music events in Birmingham. Whether it’s discovering new artists or helping an established act reach a wider audience, the rewards of putting on music events are immeasurable!

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