As the Office Manager, my job is to ensure smooth day-to-day running of our Walsall office and more recently our newly acquired branch in Coventry.

I assist with a variety of business development projects, HR, H&S, reporting and more. I also support a variety of people at Mainstay, from the Directors of the company to trainees, ensuring they can fulfil their roles as easily and as well as possible. I have been part of a central services team from early 2013, working predominantly to support sales teams.

Along the way I have tried my hand at sales and enjoyed the customer facing experience, but my speciality has always remained as a central support for the business. Being a central pillar of the company gives me satisfaction knowing I can support a variety of consultants, projects, and teams across Mainstay.

My role as Office Manager also includes managing some great individuals that make up the central services team. My team consists of Izzy, our Digital Marketing Manager, and Megan, our Office Administrator. It is a delight to work with them both as they are both dedicated and valuable members of the team, and they are a key part to the smooth operations at Mainstay. We have great growth plans for the team and I can’t wait to add more valuable members.

It is a delight to work for Mainstay, I have a great support network within the leadership team, which is very valuable to me personally, as it assists my professional growth and development which enables me to evolve my career. The consistent growth of the company is one of the main reasons I joined Mainstay, as the company grows, I know I will grow with it. I have a great relationship with the company directors which allows me to fully understand every aspect of the business. On the flip side, I have the scope to work closely with all the consultants to understand and deliver on their requirements. I get immense job satisfaction from improving current processes and implementing new structures. I also thrive on the fact the company is ever evolving; in turn this brings new and exciting projects to work on. At the heart of Mainstay are great embedded values and this is something I truly appreciate, along with the company culture it makes Mainstay a great place to work. 

My life outside of work is as busy as it is in work, I thrive on having multiple personal goals and projects on the go. One of my passions is renovating property, I have just finished my 3rd renovation project to date. I love all the aspects of renovating from project and budget management to completing the work myself. On this renovation project a few new skills I have learnt are bricklaying, kitchen fitting and learning how to drive a digger and dumper truck! My other passions outside of work include going to live gigs, my family, exploring new places, hosting parties and dinners for family and friends; making memories is one of the most important things in my life. I enjoy the small things in life such as waking up to the sun shining, seeing my boys grow and smile, spending quality time with my husband, walking my dog through the local forests, singing and dancing to music and a hot summer day in a beer garden surrounded by family and friends!

My long-term dream in life would be to renovate a small farm with some land, I would love to use the land for a small holding for rescue animals, grow my own fruit and vegetables, own some farming machinery and spend my days exploring our land – one day! 

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