Good Luck Rituals To Try Before Your Next Interview

Research has found that 72% of Brits believe in good or bad luck.

Can the universe really be on your side when preparing for an important event such as a big job interview or the first day of your new job?

Who knows! There may be no clear-cut evidence around the existence of good or bad luck, but reports show that the majority of us have believed at some point.

5 popular beliefs that signify good luck

Finding a four-leaf clover

Since we’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day, this had to be our number 1! A four-leaf clover is thought to ward off bad luck and offer protection. However, the chances of finding one are around 1 in 10,000, so maybe don’t go searching too hard.

And remember, finding a four-leaf clover is good luck, but passing it on to a friend will double your luck!

Carrying a rabbit’s foot

Though not very lucky for the rabbit, carrying a rabbit’s foot is a popular tradition in many countries.

Many people have their own ‘lucky’ items, from pieces of jewellery to childhood toys.

Wishing on a shooting star or rainbow

The premise of many childhood films, wishing on a shooting star is thought to increase the chance of your wish coming true. Many people have different beliefs that go with this, such as closing your eyes or reciting a rhyme first. All we know is, don’t tell anyone what you’ve wished for!

Hanging a horseshoe

Facing up: The traditional Irish way to hang a horseshoe, having it act as a vessel to collect and keep good luck, not letting it fall out.

Facing down: Another popular belief is that a horseshoe facing down can pour good luck over the home and those who enter it.

Which do you prefer?

A bird pooing on you

The unluckiest of the lucky superstitions.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen right before you go in for your interview!

Our advice?

  • Proper interview preparation.
  • That’s it!

Nothing is better than knowing what you’re talking about and feeling properly prepared. If you feel confident in what you’re saying, your interviewer will feel the same. Check out our top interview prep tips here.

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