How to build a positive team culture

The reason someone chooses to join your company, and, hopefully, the reason they don’t want to leave.

Many job descriptions will now include ‘great team culture’ in their perks/benefits. But what does it really mean for an employee? Team culture represents how people within a business interact with each other at all levels of seniority. Every team has its own culture, defined by many aspects such as leadership styles, work environment and communication methods.

Good team cultures create an environment where everyone feels valued and can work towards a common goal. They foster trust, respect and collaboration above all else.

Toxic team cultures, however, can lead to conflict and poor productivity. These can spiral and easily get out of hand, ultimately leading to unhappy and unfulfilled employees.

What are the benefits of a strong team culture?

  • Improved motivation
  • A happier, more engaged team
  • Retention of top talent
  • Improved surfacing of problems and challenges
  • Purposeful, value-based decision making
  • Improved autonomy and efficiency

How can you aim to build a positive team culture in your workplace?

Whether you’re a manager looking to build a strong team culture or a business leader wanting a better overall company culture, the business benefits can be immense. Although there is no exact way to achieve a good team culture, there are steps you can take to gradually build an environment that is supportive and enjoyable for employees.

Clearly defined purpose and goals

Align team values with working practices

Space for personal and professional growth

Regular opportunities for open, honest discussion

Flexible working options

Supportive policies on topics such as illness and holiday

Time and space to have fun as a team

Transparent, communicative management

Opportunities for cross-function collaboration

Wellbeing programs

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