Callum Fee

Recruitment Consultant - Facilities Management

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I may be new to recruitment, but I’m ready to learn from my team and eager to develop my skills to become confident in the FM recruitment sector.

I joined Mainstay at the beginning of 2024 in a Trainee position to allow me to learn on the job, working with my team to constantly improve my skills as a recruiter.

Previous to joining Mainstay, I had recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University where I studied Business Management.

Amongst many modules that I studied, one in particular that stood out for me was my live consultancy scheme. Having the opportunity to work with a running business allowed me to gain experience in a professional environment, in which I developed a variety of skills. Throughout my time working with this company, my problem-solving skills were put to the test as well as my ability to communicate effectively while working with multiple parties, to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

It was during participation in this module that I found satisfaction through engaging with people and helping them create value. This is what led me to recruitment as I enjoy conversing and finding out how I can help improve people’s situations. 

In my personal life, I am a massive Aston Villa fan. I follow them up and down the country, which has sometimes tested my patience but is now becoming more enjoyable. I have also started playing football on Sundays, which has proven to be a great laugh with my friends and a good way to cure a hangover! Another new personal interest of mine is travelling. Since visiting Singapore and Vietnam in the Summer, I have realised that the world really is a big place! Me and my girlfriend are now planning how to visit the rest of it. 

Through this role at Mainstay, I hope to not only help people achieve their employment goals but also to develop my skill set in order to become a well-rounded, successful recruiter.

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