Emmanuel Tetteh

Recruitment Consultant - Technology and Business Intelligence

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I’m an experienced Technology Recruitment Consultant with over 5 years of dedicated experience in the field, specializing in IT infrastructure, software development, and Cloud DevOps. I have had a remarkable track record of successful placements and have earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable recruiter.

My scientific background has given me an analytical mindset. This coupled with my interest in technology has been instrumental in finding technically astute candidates for various IT roles. An understanding of IT infrastructure, software development, and DevOps has made me a go-to consultant for clients across various industries.

My employment with Mainstay has seen me develop in my role, bringing my technical recruitment background to support our facilities management team. This has involved me working on various roles within business intelligence. As a company, Mainstay have found an excellent niche offering technical recruitment embedded into our facilities management recruitment team.

I have implemented a unique and strategic approach to recruitment, focusing on building long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates and providing a consultative approach to recruitment processes adding value to my client’s growth strategies.

The joy I get from the role seems to stem from the fact that I enjoy having a positive impact on people’s lives. Being able to provide guidance and support to someone as they take their next career step is a truly rewarding experience. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals and reach their potential.

My strongest assets are my openness, honesty, patience, and resilience. These qualities are essential in building relationships with candidates and clients alike, and they set me apart as a trustworthy and reliable recruiter. My openness and honesty create a safe and welcoming environment for candidates, allowing them to share their skills, experiences, and career aspirations with me. Patience helps me navigate the ups and downs of the recruitment process, from sourcing and screening candidates to negotiating offers and closing deals. My resilience enables me to bounce back from rejection or setbacks, staying motivated and focused on achieving success. Together, these attributes are invaluable in the fast-paced world of recruitment.

Aside from being a tech recruiter, I’m also an avid football fan and a proud supporter of Chelsea FC. When I’m not working or recruiting, you may find me on the pitch, playing or coaching football. In addition to playing football, I also have a passion for music and singing and have actively been part of multiple choirs over the years which has helped me balance my technical work life and keep my creative side alive.

With technical expertise, passion for technology, and creative outlets, I aim to bring a unique perspective to the team. As a technically minded member of the team, my analytical-based approach sets me apart from others in the industry. 

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