As a recruiter of 18 years, I am probably considered as a recruitment veteran!

Over this period, I have helped recruitment businesses open new branches, launch new sectors, managed, and implemented complexed legislation changes, recruited, trained, and developed staff members into the industry and co-founded the opening of Mainstay Recruitment!

As someone that has undertaken different roles within the recruitment industry from a trainee to a director I have always enjoyed speaking and engaging with candidates. Truly understanding the persons skills, abilities, motivations, personality traits and development areas. These skills are invaluable as a recruiter but in an industry where other skills such as business development and account management are also of high importance. The candidate experience can sometimes be forgotten. As I have progressed through my career, I have advanced my skills broadly across business development, account management progressing into leadership positions within the recruitment industry. 

In 2015 I co-founded Mainstay Recruitment with Alex Williams. We had worked effectively together with another business. During this period, we had realised that we have similar approaches to how recruitment should be done. The recruitment industry is a very crowded space, but we felt we could bring value to the industry, creating an excellent recruitment offering and making a positive difference. We now employ in the region of thirty full time employees, work with hundreds of clients across the UK, placing thousands of candidates each year in temporary, contract and permanent placements.

Our strap line “United by Ambition” reflects many of our relationships through the business. From the Directors, our staff, our clients, and candidates. We are team of ambitious people trying to make forward steps in growing our businesses, growing our careers, and facilitating ambitious candidates in finding their dream opportunity with an equally ambitious business.

As a member of the leadership team at Mainstay Recruitment, I am excited by our recruitment service offering. We have a diverse team of skilled, sector specialist teams, working collaboratively to bring a multi-sector service offering to our candidates and clients. With decades of experience within our leadership teams, our investment into innovative recruitment technologies and our ambition for continuous improvement gives me confidence we will continue in our plans to make a positive difference in the recruitment industry.

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