Will Lauchlan

Recruitment Consultant - Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain

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I have been working in Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain sector as a Recruitment Consultant for Mainstay for over five years and in that time have built huge experience across all facets within this market.

From managing blue chip accounts with large requirements to smaller, more bespoke roles I always work with each customer in a personable and individual way, to truly understand their role and find the ideal candidate or worker for their role. Filling a vacancy well and knowing I have had a positive impact for customer and candidate is my greatest passion and the thing I love most about the recruitment. Playing even a small part in growing a candidate’s career or helping a company achieve their goals and kick on to where they want their brand, their company and their passion to be is a feeling that really drives me on to be the best I can be. 

I feel some of my strongest skills are helping companies to grow to the next stage in their journey, as a company is only ever as good as the staff it employs. Without a good team, even the best business and the best ideas will struggle and fall. Helping with my clients’ growth through strong resourcing, growth plans and targeted recruitment drives is the part of the job I excel at and enjoy the most. On this point, from a personal perspective, watching Mainstay grow from a team of 6 five years ago when I started to 30+ at the point of writing is something that has given me tremendous pride and it is this feeling drives me to help Mainstay’s clients achieve the same goal. 

The thing I enjoy most about the Logistics sector is how varied the job can be, from helping with large recruitment drives for a vast number of candidates to helping on specialist roles for unique jobs in the sector, to helping companies with last minute sickness or holiday cover, the job is always fast paced and exciting. 

My background before recruitment was working in, and managing, pubs and restaurants. A fast paced, customer facing role that has equipped me no end in helping customers, having a good time at work, and working in a quick paced, hectic environment which recruitment can be when the pressure is on. Although recruitment comes with less pints and late nights, it is still a career I feel I am only just getting started with and I want to build on all I’ve achieved in the last 5 years. 

Outside of work, I can usually be found with my face stuck in the pages of a good book, (attempting) to keep fit in the pool or at the gym and either playing cricket or counting down the weeks until summer comes and the cricket season starts again. 

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