Mainstay Takes the Jump!

Two courageous members of Team Mainstay took the jump, quite literally, as they completed a thrilling sponsored skydive for our company charities, WAY Widowed and Young and Birmingham Mind. Our Digital Marketing Manager, Isabella Mackenzie and Trainee FM Consultant Erin Probert, fearlessly leapt from the tiny purple plane at North London Skydiving Centre.

Meet our jumpers, Izzy and Erin!

Skydiving is an adrenaline-packed activity that requires a significant amount of courage to conquer one’s fears. This was an opportunity to challenge limits, step outside comfort zones, and embrace the unknown. Colleagues eagerly pitched in, offering words of encouragement, spreading the word about the sponsored skydive, and contributing to the fundraising efforts. The workplace transformed into a hub of anticipation, with everyone eagerly awaiting the day of the jump.

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